Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the mixing ratios for each color segment?

ColorTon: 1:1
Multi Complex: 1:1.5
FreeLux: 1:1.5
Rhol: 1:2

Do you offer a natural hair color line?

Yes, FreeLux is AMMONIA-free, PPD-free, and RESORCINAL-free.

What is Neutral?

Neutral is a creative and useful tool designed as a diluter used primarily in depositing services and contains zero pigment. It can be used on its own with 10 volume Oxy Developer for a shine-enhancing service or mixed into any shade to soften the tone and intensity, while maintaining the purity of the original tone.

What is C.S.?

C.S. is a level lifter that can provide one extra level of lift when added to a formula. Adding C.S. to your formula also allows you to achieve 4 levels of lift. C.S. can also aid in grey coverage when added to formulas in small proportions of 1-2g.

What lightener is best for balayage?

We recommend Free-Blonde from our incredible De-Light blonding series.

What is the difference between ColorTon and Multi Complex?

ColorTon is an opaque, cool-based line. Multi Complex is more translucent and warmer-based. They have different mixing ratios and ingredients.

Do you have to wash the hair before applying color?

No, you do not have to but if you choose to that is okay! Color can be applied to clean, towel-dried hair.

What is Palvin Bid?

A unique pH normalizer, Palvin-Bid restores the hair to its proper pH level after any chemical service, removing from the hair and scalp all chemical residual left by color, perm or straightening services. It seals in color and reduces fading by closing the cuticle.

How do you use Barrier Cream?

By using a unique and patented technology in mixing silicones, Barrier Cream creates a waterproof shield that protects the skin from hair color while allowing color to penetrate the hair. Apply around the entire hairline including behind the ears and the nape of the neck before all chemical services.

How many levels can you achieve with High Lift Series?

3-4 with our Classic series and up to 5 with Ultra High Lift and ICE series.

Can you use Permanent colors as Toners?

No, Color Switch is a semi-permanent or direct dye. It can be used on its own or can be mixed into shampoos and conditioners.

How long are the processing times for permanent colors?

Color-Ton 20-45 minutes *up to 50 minutes with Ice series

Multi-Complex 20-40 minutes *up to 50 with Super Blonde series

Do you need to add anything to your naturals to cover grey?

No, they are pre-pigmented shades with yellow, red, and blue pigments.