The De Light lightening system is a comprehensive collection of high-performance lightening tools that take blonding to the next level. The system features three lightening categories, developers and one after-treatment that work synergistically together for uniform lift and personalized, predictable results.

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for all blonding applications with graduated lifting power depending on product and developer use:
    • Light (Decolor Cream)
    • Lighter (Power Lift Powder)
    • Lightest (Power Lift Plus Powder)
  • De Light Decolor Cream is an ammonia-free, multi-use cream lightener that is great for highlighting, gentle lightening and gentle removal of artificial color or pigment.
  • De Light Universal Lightening Powder delivers 5-6 levels of lift and is formulated with violet pigments to control any unwanted warmth.
  • De Light Power Lift Plus delivers 7-8 levels of lift and features blue pigments to reduce any unwanted yellow undertones.
  • De Light Oxi Developers were designed to work synergistically with the system and feature conditioning agents to protect hair.
  • De Light After Treatment is a shampoo that cleanses and delicately detangles and nourishes the hair post treatment.

Free Blond - Blue/Keratin Paste


Plus - Blue Powder


Universal OXY 10 Volume


Universal OXY 20 Volume


Universal OXY 30 Volume


Universal OXY 40 Volume


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